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B.O.D.Y. - the second skin




– Memory in the body


The photo shooting for the project "Sensation of Motion in Time" and my relationship with her.

The idea of the photography for this project is not an image that consists of the relationship between the photographer and the model, nor is it a show of the relationship between the artistic director and the performer. Actually, it was for projecting the parts of her body onto her real body in the performance "Sensation of Motion in Time".

The aim of this artistic act was that I wanted to activate her motivation and artistic sense for a horizontal and creative relationship between me and her. – Free will and autonomy in the art thorugh the aesthetic experience from own body


All I found on her skin was the scar on her back.

beating scars

Scars, that she could never see on her own


Childhood beating scars

The scars were also smaller and less noticeable.

Small scars that no one can see


I asked her about this scar...

About her memory in her body

Is pain to be forgotten, like a wound that has gone unseen?

Ugliness in memory,
I think it's a wound.
I think it's a feeling that grows in a relationship.

B.O.D.Y.-6Erika Matsunami (Composition), Niklas Schmincke (Audio Engineer)
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Ear and Lip

– A sensory love story

When she whispered in her ear,
I looked at their smiling faces.
As she gestured with her clumsy hand for lending her ear,
I was sawing their happy fac

Her lips whispered faintly – touching her ears or not – they were smiling

I kept staring at their s tempo, their faint whispers, and their happy smiles.

As I watched their ears and lips act,

I realized it was their act of love.

For me, she and her clumsy movements, their breathing and their happy smile were art of movement and sound.

Their act of love happened in a corner of the theater company's rehearsal room.

Their act of love by the sunny window, that was a moment of happiness that they could spend together. – Ears and Lips

Deep listening, 

Even each other's sighs were words of love

Ear and lip, lip and ear,
Lip to lip
Lip and lip overlap

It was be invisible, that they were sitting in wheelchairs 
They stared at each other,
and time stopped – stillness
breath and heartbeat

Everything was out of sight – stillness

Even their disability – be invisible
In the place also,
Their age, gender, nationality,
Everything was be invisible.

As time goes by,

Their breath and heartbeats melted.

They were be visible.

B.O.D.Y.-2-2Erika Matsunami (Composition), Niklas Schmincke (Audio Engineer)
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Audio script 


– Near and far of approximately 1 square centimeter in circumference

When the world of light and shadow on the surface of the foucing on around one-square centimeter of the body was converted into actual proportions by a slide projector and we saw its projected world –It was so sensual that it surpassed the image of the body–that gave us a new sentence on 'body'. Thereby my question was on 'naturality' of our own body, whether it consists of  'hehaiver' or 'sensour' by the body?

In the natural science of mankind in the 21st century, research on the neurocognition rather focuses on the latter "sensory perception" and human evolution. 

The reference Understanding Human Cognitive Uniqueness:

“Humanity has regarded itself as intellectually superior to other species for millennia, yet human cognitive uniqueness remains poorly understood. Here, we evaluate candidate traits plausibly underlying our distinctive cognition (including mental time travel, tool use, problem solving, social cognition, and communication) as well as domain generality, and we consider how human cognitive uniqueness may have evolved.“

Allthough, there is a limit to the visual acuity that we human beings can confirm by "seeing".

Using apparatus:

In the world of the micro body, I sympathized with the memory of the body. When I explored that theme more deeply, I learned that it is the memory of DNA. Scars are engraved in the memory of DNA along with recovery. Mental wounds can be unraveled through healing. I think that "forgetting" like a reset in the brain is also healing.

Immasion into noise of a macro photographic world which I mention; there is also a construction of light and shadow on the surface of one- centimeter.

After 20 years later, my consideration is overlapped in the thesis “Immersion Into Noise" (2011) of Joseph Nechvatal through my artwork B.O.D.Y. - the second skin (2023) today.

The light and its projection–so-called 'reflection'–what is it?  Thereby, I explore additional questions to the thesis “Immersion Into Noise” (2011) of Joseph Nechvatal, which is the question for the philosophical reflection by Joseph Nechvatal. Therefore, instead of solving problems, I suggest an artistic methodology for the questions and a methodological way as a creative act in art, and in their context of humanity.

In the project Sensation of Body in Time II (in the program of the Exhibition „Der (im-)perfekte Mensch”, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, Germany, 2002), the events that took place during the production of this piece go from a small scar on the back of one of the disabled performers to the story of her childhood abuse from her father. It was happened by the photographic property of 'documentary'.

She received the therapy and was cared by a therapist, I supported and mentored her performing for the audience–for dealing with the audience for her first performing at the museum.

B.O.D.Y.-4Erika Matsunami (Composition), Niklas Schmincke (Audio Engineer)
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Closeness - on visual level and auditory level

Immersion into noise towards immagination

Both of visual and auditory works consist of  the material through 'Abbildung'. Visual was by the photogaphic technique, that was taked a part of body by the analogue photo camera, that is a kind of illustration through the natural phenomen on film. Audio was by the sound recording technuque, that was recored by the microphone on digital recorder, that was a kind of transformation of space and time through the natural phenomen in adible form.
Immersion into noise: Visual works through macro-photographs and sound composition through the using microphone recoding sounds. Both techniques were based on the reflection, one is 'light' and the second one is 'sound'. My artistic approach to natural phenomena here was not to create beautiful forms, but to "as is" situations and phenomena. Of course, with the help of scientific advances. In doing so, I explored changes in the materiality of art and its ethics due to these scientific advances parctically.

Finally, I constructed all visual and auditory materials as an installation which work is B.O.D.Y. (2010) in 2010. Thereby, I have explored an experimetal form of meta-epistemological art representation in post-photographic era.

The doctral theory 'Immersion Into Noise' by Joseph Nechvatal is, that he researched an account 'viral aesthetic' in contemporary aesthetics and ethics towards idealism based humanism, which gives us a new perspective in the contemporary art in the 21st century.

“A language is therefore, ­a social institution and a system of values. It is the social part of language, it is essentially a collective contract which one must accept in its entirety if one wishes to communicate. It is because a language is a system of contractual values that it resists the modifications coming from a single individual and is consequently a social institution. In contrast to language, which is both institution and system, speech is essentially an individual act of selection and actualization. The speaking subject can use the code of the language with a view to expressing his personal thought. It is because speech is essentially a combinative activity that it corresponds to and individual act and not to a pure creation.“ (Barthes, 1967, pp. 14-15) 
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