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The Power of Intimacy: Exploring Closeness and Connection


In a world that often feels disconnected and distant, the power of intimacy and closeness becomes increasingly important. Whether it's in our personal relationships, artistic expressions, or the exploration of our own bodies, the experience of closeness can have a profound impact on our lives. This article delves into the concept of intimacy, drawing inspiration from various sources, and explores its significance in different contexts. From the scars etched on our bodies to the sensory love stories whispered between lips and ears, we will unravel the depth and beauty of closeness.

The Sensation of Motion in Time: A Creative Exploration

In the project "Sensation of Motion in Time," the Artist-choreographer with photography embarked on a unique artistic journey. Instead of capturing the traditional relationship between photographer and model, the aim was to project parts of the model's body onto her real body. This unconventional approach sought to activate her motivation and artistic sense, fostering a horizontal and creative relationship. The project exemplifies the power of intimacy in artistic expression, where collaboration and connection bring forth unique and profound experiences.

Unseen Scars: The Memory in Our Bodies

Within the depths of our bodies lie memories that are both visible and invisible. The artist discovered a scar on the model's back, a physical reminder of a past wound. But scars are not always visible; they can dwell deep within, hidden from our own eyes. Childhood beating scars, though smaller and less noticeable, carry their own weight. They become a part of our memory, shaping our perception of ourselves and the world around us. The artist ponders the nature of pain and healing, exploring the idea that healing grows within the context of relationships.

A Sensory Love Story: Whispering Between Ears and Lips

Whispers between ears and lips hold a unique and intimate power. The artist observes a couple, their smiles and gestures conveying a deep connection. As the woman whispers into her partner's ear, their happiness radiates through their entire beings. The artist recognizes this act as an embodiment of love, where the movement of lips and the touch of ears become a language of their own. In this corner of a rehearsal room, love blooms, transcending disabilities and societal expectations. It is a moment of pure happiness, where everything else becomes invisible.

The Invisibility of Closeness: Beyond the Surface

Closeness has the power to render everything else invisible. In the midst of a profound connection, the externalities of age, gender, and nationality fade away. Two individuals, sitting in wheelchairs, gaze at each other, and time stands still. Their breaths and heartbeats merge, creating a visible connection that transcends physical appearances. In this realm of closeness, the boundaries of visibility are broken, and true connection is realized.

The World Within One Square Centimeter: Exploring Naturality

The surface of our bodies contains a world of light and shadow, representing our very essence. When this world is magnified and projected, a new understanding of our bodies emerges. This exploration of one square centimeter challenges our perception of naturality. Are we merely the sum of our physical behaviors and sensory perceptions, or is there a deeper, more profound essence that defines our humanity? This question leads us to consider the unique cognitive abilities of humans and the intricate relationship between the body and the mind.

Immersion Into Noise: Embracing the Macro and Micro

The concept of immersion into noise offers a new perspective on the intersection of art and science. By delving into the world of the micro body, the artist uncovers the memory encoded within our DNA. Scars, both physical and mental, leave imprints on our bodies and minds. Healing, in its essence, is a process of unraveling these wounds and finding peace. The artist explores the relationship between forgetting and healing, recognizing the transformative power of both.

Constructing Beauty Through Reflection: The Artistic Methodology

In the pursuit of artistic expression, the artist harnesses the power of reflection. Through macro-photographs and sound compositions, they capture the essence of natural phenomena. The interplay of light and shadow, the recording of sounds, all serve as a means to explore the materiality of art. It is not about creating beautiful forms but about capturing the raw and unfiltered reality of existence. In this exploration, the artist questions the ethical implications of scientific advancements and their impact on the artistic process.

Sensation of Motion in Time II: From Scars to Stories

In the project "Sensation of Motion in Time II," the artist delves even further into the exploration of scars and their significance. From a small scar on the back of a disabled performer to the story of childhood abuse, the project becomes a documentation of lived experiences. It is through the power of art that healing and transformation occur. The artist takes on the role of supporter and mentor, guiding the performer through their first public performance. In this context, intimacy becomes a catalyst for growth and self-expression.


Intimacy and closeness have the power to transform our lives and artistic expressions. From the scars etched on our bodies to the whispers between lips and ears, every interaction and connection holds significance. Through artistic endeavors and personal relationships, we can explore the depths of our own humanity and forge meaningful connections with others. Let us embrace the power of intimacy, recognizing its ability to heal, inspire, and create profound experiences.

My practical and theoretical explorations for a new subjectivity is 'something' that I explored by myself without AI analysis -> The presentation at the conference APRAN2023 The Matter of Art, July 7th, 2023
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