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About me

My artistic career in Berlin, Germany began in 2000. My desire to create art turned into a sense of obligation to explore the deep inner workings of my creativity. From small sketches to large-scale projects: My art is a very personal reflection of myself.

I am fortunate to have been participated and that I am able to continue to participate in many collaborative projects to articulate artistic dynamics in society.


Berlin, 2023

Biography                                                                                                                                CV

Erika Matsunami *1963 in Hiroshima, Japan, lives and works in Berlin, Germany (Permanent Residence Title since 2005) as an independent transmedia artist engaged in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary artistic research. Her profession is as a visual artist, sound composer, choreographer, and artistic researcher. She studied sculpture under Professor Hisashi Akutagawa and Professor Masanami Yoshida at Hijiyama University in Hiroshima, Japan. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine arts in liberal arts at the KAW – Aesthetic education/art and cultural studies / Institute for Art in Context at the Berlin University of the Arts in Germany in 1997. In her professional education from 2009–2010 and 2011–2012 (2012/13), she researched as a guest auditor under the honorary professor Dr Martin Supper in the Faculty of Music, at the Berlin University of the Arts.

She transforms autobiographical experiences and motives from her social environment into an artistic context and creates projects with different mediums. Her works comprise a spectrum of both themes and media that spans from sculpture and photography by way of video (audiovisual) and performance art all the way to mixed-media installations. Her auditory work in the installation is a kind of secondary space and time that is not synchronized, and that is probably a topologically manifold in relation to the visual space.

Artistic activity and Memberships: 

2019– IGBK (Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste/International Association of Art/UNESCO), Germany, membership: individual

2016–2019 (until the end of March 2020)/2024– The International Dance Council CID, UNESCO, Paris, France, membership: individual, (Hanaygai, Hosenyu (花柳 豊仙遊))

2011– GEMA, Germany, Professional group: composer / Author

2008–2018 GEDOK (Federation of Women Artists and Patrons of the Arts), discipline: Fine Arts / IGBK (Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste/International Association of Art), Germany

2005– VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Germany, Professional Group I / (II)


2022– Swiss Artistic Research Network (SARN)

2020 (November)–2021/2022 – The American Society for Aesthetics (ASA)

2018– The Society for Artistic Research (SAR)

2016– The European Society for Aesthetics (ESA)

2016– The Nordic Society for Aesthetics (NSA)

2015– The British Society of Aesthetics (BSA)

2012– The research catalogue that is provided by the Society of Artistic Research (SAR)

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