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N.N - Zwischenliegend
N.N-Zwischenliegend_NON-CALCULABLE TIME, SPACE AND BODY Vol_01Erika Matsunami
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Broadcasting Kurzstrecke 95 Feature, Hörspiel, Klangkunst by Deutschlandfunk Kultur, February 2020
Klangkompositionsstück mit Umgebungsgeräuschen, das die Schnittstelle zwischen dem aktuellen offenen Raum des Ortes, an dem sich die ehemalige Mauer befand, den Erinnerungen der Menschen, die damals tatsächlich dort lebten, und ihrem aktuellen Bewusstsein zum Ausdruck bringt. Die Fotoserie ist eine surreale Arbeit mit Doppelbelichtungen. Aus der Perspektive der Fotografie als Erzählung behandelte ich Bilder als Fehler und Lücken zwischen philosophischen Reflektion zum Thema „Grenzen, Entfremdung und ihre Veränderungen“.

Sound composition piece with ambient sounds that expresses the interface between the current open space of the place where the former wall was, the memories of the people who actually lived there at the time and their current consciousness. The photo series is a surreal work with double exposures. From the perspective of photography as narrative, I treated images as errors and gaps between philosophical reflections on the topic of “borders, alienation and their changes”. – Non-Calculable Time, Space and Body
Himmel über Berlin, Galerie GEDOK-Berlin under the programme of the European Month of Photography, Berlin, Germany, October 2018
GEMA, VG Bild-Kunst, Deutschland
I have many VR works already, but the diverse unconventional ways. I am exploring a term of 'sound painting' in the gerne of sonic composition now. This work is also a Virutual Reality artwork, but from the fact. – Artifacte
Its exploration is towards the digital age and human and non-human soceity from the aspect of critical theory.
Due to the materiality of sonic, that is only a real material and a natural phenomenon in the context of the VR, otherwise it is the light in the (digital-) photography. Another in the VR are based on the mathematical logics of 'time, space and body' without gravity, is it logic or pradox of 'real'? Recently. I explore 'gravity'.

I worked in the sound composition without storyboard randomly. These three people did not know each other, and they have no relationship between them. Usually, they do not meet each other in the city of Berlin. (political, location, generation, sexuality, education, hobby and profession are totaly different between them.)

Eology of Listening
Composing sounds and painting images on the canvas are both ecological.

Vol. 2 is Crying Woman - Portrait of a Woman (who came to West-Berlin from the West Germany (BRD) early of 1980s.)

In this work, I dealt with two subjects dimensionally, one is from a life of a person (social dimension), and other one is a portrait in cubism, and in which terms of a music composition, stochastic synthesis* in pure data. 
*This technique refers to a method of computer sound synthesis. The original conception dates back to 1962, when Xenakis was working with his ST algorithm, who was a Greek composer and architectur Iannis Xenakis.

Sound painting series (Sonic composition)
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