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Closeness and distance
Audio script 


Closeness ...


near and far


... and distance


visible or invisible




inaudible or audible 


tangible or intangible

– B.O.D.Y. - the second skin

In this exhibition SKIN at Dark gallery CPH, I would like to share the intelligence of "reading" through touch. It is a kind of the scanning. I think that this act of touching as a perception is more connected directly to the brain than seeing-in.

When medical doctors check the health status of a person, they "listen" to the sounds of the body (heartbeat and breathing) and "touch" the body.
I think that Louis Braille who developed this braille case was really the great exploration.

Poem B.O.D.Y. - the second skin (2023) in English (original in German)

Translation Poem B.O.D.Y. - the second skin in German into Braille in German (2023), embossing: Deutsche Blindenstudienanstalt e.V. (blista)
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