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On'Drawing' as an artistic act

Erika Matsunami

Drawing is to me unintentional artistic act, which is a very important artistic activity. Thereby, I embody the specific subject, or the object in space and time. As a methodology to reach that goal, the artistic act of drawing objects (a kind of the act of imitation by human) and its circumstances are to recognize the limits of "seeing". It is an act of reflection by the embodiment through "seeing" as a cognition of being in a space and time introspectionally. Since 2016, I have been working on embodying of "reading (coding and organisation)" rather than "seeing". My drawings in recent years are not about drawing the objects or the images in mind, but rather about concrete artistic actions (introspection) for recognizing that oneself "exists or being" in the environment. This artistic acts is based on improvisation. And these are generating acts, never refraining, never fixed, that is the fluid artistic acts. I draw without intention, so I don't remember the most of drawings, how I drew them. I myself sometimes wonder what this technique is! Especially it applies to the calligraphic drawing work. My calligraphic drawing is really 'oneceness'. However, it is often this unintentional drawing that begins a new quest.

I'm in the process of sorting out my drawings in the drawing cabinet /Zeichenschrank. So I will update my drawings little by little on this site.

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